Find Local History And Community Values In Erda Utah Homes

First settled in 1851, Erda is one of the earliest white settlements in Utah. The town was originally known as both Batesville and Rose Springs. There are several different stories in circulation as to how the place became known as Erda. Popular versions include a local farmer calling it Erda after a French town that he had once lived in, or, taking from a different European tradition, some contend that the San Pedro-Salt Lake Railroad named the town Erda after the German word that means ‘earth’. To this day, the town’s residents cannot be sure, which is more the likely story, though they are all content with the community’s current name.While residents of Erda enjoy the community’s small size and friendly neighborliness that can be found there, many also appreciate that Salt Lake City, a much larger metropolitan center, is so close by. Only a 30 minute drive into the heart of the city links Erda residents with a much busier world of business, shopping, the arts and entertainment. In addition, the town is located in close proximity to areas of natural beauty such as the Great Salt Lake and a number of mountain peaks that offer spectacular views and accessible hiking trails. Living in Erda provides individuals with the peace and tranquility of small town life while keeping the big city conveniently close by.Erda Utah homes are becoming increasingly in demand as the small community continues to grow. In the past twenty years the town has nearly doubled in population each decade. Granted, the current population remains at under 5,000 residents, helping it to retain the familiarity and friendliness of a small community. Furthermore, the community is a very young one, with the median age of the population being a mere 29 years. This young population is full of families, which, combined with the above-average income of its residents, represents an attractive option for others looking for a good community in which to raise their families.Those interested in investing in real estate in Erda UT, whether it is as a vacation home, rental property or family home, find a wide range of different housing options available to them. As the population has continued to grow, construction of new homes has attempted to keep up with the demand. Today, interested buyers can find Erda Utah homes that range from condos to townhouses, single-family units to mobile homes. This wide variety of housing options allows everyone to find accommodation that fits their living standards and budget.